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We design and visualize things that you love.
Our job is our passion.

We Are CurseStudio

Designers, artists, storytellers and
creatives that create content that you love.
No matter if you are looking for a fresh new brand
identitiy,  advertising campaigns,  3D visualisations,
animations,  websites or live shots… we make it happen.

How Can We Help ?

Partners For A Lifetime

We always try to compete with the best of the best and push ourselves to the edge of the possible. If you are looking for a long term relationship forget Tinder and come with us. We partner up with you to create the best campaigns possible. No matter what you are looking for. You have an idea in your mind ?

Let us know and we make the world see it.

Clients We Work For

You have the idea, we design it!

You need a brand design or a website
to get your company going ?
We are here for you.

You need animated content ? We have the tools!
No matter if you need motion design,
a full 3D shot or animation.

Searching for a live shot ? Maybe even combined with 3D elements,
motion tracking etc. ? We make it happen.

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Dominik Dammelhart
Creative Director
Hauptstrasse 4
2000 Stockerau